Faculty: Dr. Danielle Battram

Danielle BattramAssociate Professor, School of Food and Nutritional Sciences
Office: Room 173,
Telephone: 519-432-8353 ext 28228
Email: dbattra@uwo.ca

Academic Background

  • BSc (Nutritional Sciences), University of Guelph
  • MSc (Exercise Physiology and Metabolism), University of Guelph
  • PhD (Nutritional Sciences and Metabolism), University of Guelph

Research and Scholarly Interests

My research focuses mainly on obesity prevention in children and adults. My main research focus is in the area of diet quality and the impact that diet quality has on weight management and health.

Literature tells us that interventions focusing on energy restriction and strict diet plans are not successful at promoting health and weight maintenance in the long-term. Also, we now know that it is the overall quality of the diet and lifestyle that contributes significantly to our risk of chronic diseases. My research examines the effects of altering the quality of the diet, without energy restriction, on both body weight and lipid metabolism. My work with children includes a culturally sensitive obesity prevention program in high-risk ethnocultural groups and an after-school program focusing on increasing physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviours in high-risk children.


  • Foods and Nutrition 1030E – Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • Foods and Nutrition 4462a – Selected Topics in Community Nutrition
  • Foods and Nutrition 3364b – Nutrition, Aging and Health
  • Foods and Nutrition 9222a – Research Methods and Statistics

Professional Memberships

  • Dietitians of Canada (Qualifying Member)
  • Canadian Society of Clinical Nutrition

Representative Publications and Presentations

  • T.E. Graham, D.S. Battram, F. Dela, A. El-Sohemy and FSH Thong. Does Caffeine alter muscle carbohydrate and fat metabolism during exercise? APNM, 2008. (in press).
  • D.S. Battram. Caffeine’s effects on insulin resistance: Acute vs chronic effects. Canadian Diabetes Association Annual Meeting, 2008.
  • D.S. Battram, C. Beynon and M. He. The reliability and validity of using self-reported clothing size as a proxy for waist circumference at the population level. Canadian Society of Clinical Nutrition Conference 2008.
  • D.S. Battram, T.E. Graham, and F. Dela. Caffeine’s impairment of insulin-mediated glucose disposal cannot be solely attributed to adrenaline in humans. J Physiol 583:1069–1077, 2007.
  • D.S. Battram, J. Bugaresti, J. Gusba, and T.E. Graham. Acute caffeine ingestion does not impair glucose tolerance in persons with tetraplegia. JAP 102:374–381, 2007.
  • D.S. Battram, R. Arthur, A. Weekes and T.E. Graham. The glucose intolerance induced by caffeinated coffee ingestion is less pronounced than that due to alkaloid caffeine in men. J Nutr 136 (5):1276–80, 2006.
  • D.S. Battram, T.E. Graham, E.A. Richter and F. Dela. The effect of caffeine on glucose kinetics in humans- influence of adrenaline. J Physiol 569:347–55, 2005.

Teaching Philosophy

As a professor, I believe my role is to facilitate students in the learning career. Specifically, I believe my role as an educator is to present information in a stimulating way that encourages independent thought and critical thinking. My goal is to create a supportive learning environment where students can question and discuss even the most delicate of topics in an open and non-judgmental manner.

Overall, my hope is that students who leave my classroom are as enthusiastic and passionate about nutrition, food and health as I am.