Profile: Elise Maiolino

Elise Maiolino lists “attending class” in her top five favourite things to do at Brescia University College.

elise“Class is truly enjoyable,” she says. “This is where you develop your interests, grow personally and intellectually, and build relationships with your professors. It’s where you laugh, sometimes cry, but mostly have a blast.”

Maiolino, an Honors Double Major in Community Development and Women’s Studies, decided to attend Brescia because she was looking for a distinctive university experience.

“I wanted an education that involved studying issues related to women and society,” says Maiolino, who will graduate in April 2010. “Moreover I wanted to be part of a close community, not lost within the shuffle of university life. Canada’s women’s university was everything I was searching for.”

“Since enrolling at Brescia, I’ve completely changed my perception of myself, our society, and our future,” she says. “I have grown into a confident, independent, and strong-willed woman. I would call myself spiritual, an activist, and a feminist — words I was too afraid to use before attending Brescia. I now recognize the diversity of society and the power that comes from working together.”

Her Brescia education, she adds, has prepared her to Choose to Lead.

“Brescia has redefined my original understanding of leadership,” she says. “I’ve learned that there are many ways to be a leader. I’ve been inspired to exercise various forms of leadership, both big and small.”

Elise Maiolino’s top 5 favourite things to do at Brescia:

  1. Attend class
  2. Go to Brescia events, like the Sophia Series
  3. Meet friends at the Beryl Ivey Library
  4. Talk over coffee at Starbucks in Clare Hall
  5. Catch a nap in the Merici Lounge