Profile: Emma Nicholson

Nutrition and Dietetics as a stepping stone for lifestyle journalism

By second-year student Maha Alavi

Emma Nicholson is a hot topic at Brescia. Recently featured in Western News, this fourth-year Nutrition and Dietetics student can’t seem to shake the limelight. We stopped by to have a chat with our own world-wanderer, journalist extraordinaire, and “style” guru to see how she has achieved such notoriety.

Interning at the web-fashion collective, College Fashionista, has helped Emma’s climb to fame. It has been a tremendously enlightening experience for the budding fashion journalist. Covering Toronto Fashion Week, she got “up close and personal” with fellow interns and industry veterans alike, all clamouring to put on the perfect show for the press. Backstage, Emma became familiar with the inner workings of the fast-paced environment she hopes to join after graduation. This experience not only increased her own prior knowledge of the fashion world, but also allowed her to grasp the full importance of being organized, punctual, and professional. Networking and interacting with seasoned professionals in the industry were just a few of the many perks of this glamourous job.

However, Emma wasn’t always involved in fashion, she explains. “I came across the web site while searching fashion blogs last spring. I was surprised that no one was covering Western’s fashion, so I wrote to the founder, Amy Levin, expressing why I wanted to represent Western University as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, a blog that showcases current and future fashion trends at hundreds of colleges and universities worldwide.” Soon after that, Fashionista Emma Nicolson was born.

One might wonder how the talented stylist ended up studying Nutrition and Dietetics. We asked her. Upon entering university, Emma was interested in both the arts and sciences; she looked up fashion and textile programs and found that they did not fit the degree she wanted. Emma’s varied interests required her to conduct further research as to which path would best lead her to her ultimate goal. She eventually chose to pursue Nutrition and Dietetics in order to expand her subject-based knowledge. “I plan to work in lifestyle magazine journalism, writing about food and fashion. Brescia is a respected institution, and having a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics offers a wide range of career opportunities in both the fields of science and the arts. I didn’t want to close any doors at this stage in my life.”

Emma is also an avid traveler. She has been to 28 countries so far and is determined to increase that total to 100 by her 100th birthday. From among these adventures, Emma most fondly remembers the times when she participated in a Contiki Tour around Europe, swam with sting-rays, zip-lined through the St. Lucian rainforest, and went scuba diving in the vast oceans of the Caribbean. “I try to go somewhere every time I have a break from school,” she explains.

Of course, one cannot interview a fashion connoisseur without collecting their words of fashionable wisdom. “My best fashion advice would be to find out what shapes work best for your body. Having clothing that fits well and is well taken care of is the most important thing when trying to look good or professional. Western is full of some of the smartest, most talented people in the world; learn as much as you can and get involved with clubs or programs you are interested in. Use this time to find your passion!”

Check out her recent publication on the USA TODAY College website.