Profile: Felicity Sattan

Felicity Sattan – Brescia’s Backyard Leader

We often think of leaders as people who are constantly in the public eye, often the head of government parties, organizations, and corporations. We sometimes overlook the leadership that grows in our own backyard.

felicity-sattanStudent Felicity Sattan is one of Brescia’s backyard leaders. Felicity chose to study at Brescia because she “felt like it would be a school where I could thrive in my interests, participate in leadership opportunities, and meet like-minded individuals.” Born and raised in Hamilton and strongly connected to her family and friends, she found it challenging to be away from her home when she initially moved into residence. She credits Brescia’s Residence Manager, Residence Assistants, and other staff for making her feel welcome in her then-unfamiliar home. Felicity specifically notes, “The housekeeping staff are always keeping in touch with the girls in residence and many of us consider them our away-from-home Moms.” This comfort has proven critical for the well-being of many Brescia residents.

The strong leadership and support that Felicity encountered in the Ursuline Hall residence staff encouraged her to develop her own leadership skills. Felicity was quick to get involved in Residence Council and now holds the position of Residence Council President as well as Residence Representative on Brescia’s Students’ Council. While gaining experience planning and promoting events, Felicity has given back to the residence community by providing the leadership and support to other students that was so useful to her when she arrived at Brescia.

Felicity will be entering her last year of studies while being among the first group of students to live in the new residence this September. She is eager to use the improved study spaces, cooking facilities, and fitness room that are not currently available. Like Felicity three years ago, there are many other young women anticipating the day that Brescia becomes their new home. With residence members such as Felicity to learn from, it is certain that Brescia’s backyard will continue to grow more leaders.

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