Profile: Lana El Kadri

Internship opens a window to the world of work for fourth-year Brescia student

Lana-El-Kadri-2-200Lana El Kadri, a London girl, is currently a fourth-year Brescia student. She switched her major to BMOS (Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies) because she hoped this might lead to a number of job opportunities after graduation. She has never looked back. When she heard about a paid internship opportunity last year, she was very interested. She filled out the requirements and submitted an application form, but didn’t have the time to apply formally.

September 2010 rolled around and classes had begun. She thought about the internship again, and, after a nudge from her professors and academic counsellor, returned to the idea and completed the application process. Before she knew it, she was in. This meant withdrawing from her classes, finding an apartment (within two days) and assuming a position as Business Process Analyst at Hydro One Networking Inc, in Toronto. When it all came together so quickly, she knew that she was doing what was meant to be.

Lana says that “there was a lot of learning on my end. I had to be really resourceful. It was one of the best skills I learned.” She now has a soft spot for Toronto, and she loved the work experience she gained. She was welcomed into a large supportive staff and soon they became her “work family.” Lana recalls that there was lots of networking and such an amazing culture at Hydro One. She feels that she has a new take on life, because of this enlightening and rewarding work experience.

Her learning in this environment opened her eyes to the idea of an MBA, which she is definitely looking into it. Being exposed to a lot of well educated people at Hydro One and at Brescia motivated her. Colleen Sharen is a great inspiration to her with her extensive industry experience and Lana also looks up to Melissa Jean. She says, “Professor Jean really makes us work hard, but it’s to our benefit. I see the fruits in this. It has really prepared me and motivated me. She also shows us, as students, that it is important to strike a balance between our personal and professional lives.”

So what’s next for Lana? She says that she now has a good picture of the work environment and that her internship experience will enrich her life after graduation and will open many doors for her in the years to come.