Profile: Lisa Herberman

Not Your Typical University Student

lisa_hebermanLisa Herberman was nervous about being a mature student her first year at Brescia. She quickly discovered there was nothing to be nervous about and she has met the most amazing people here. Enrolled in Honors Food & Nutrition & Dietetics & Science class of 2011, Herberman had already spent three years at Western University in Kinesiology Science. Herberman didn’t get to finish her Kinesiology Science degree, as she took a semester off to care for her grandmother who was diabetic and had a heart condition. Taking the time off to look after her grandmother changed a lot of things for Herberman. It’s also a big part of why she volunteers, along with a long history in her family of volunteerism. For as long as she can remember her family was involved with the community.

Herberman is very active in the volunteer community. This past summer she won a scholarship as the best fundraiser in Canada by raising funds for Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders and Red Cross. Whether she is home in Toronto or here in London at school she is volunteering for multiple organizations each year. Herberman said, “I have a drive to help those less fortunate.”

In the past two years Herberman has volunteered for many organizations: the Canadian Cancer Society, Daffodil and Pink Ribbon campaigns; Colon Cancer, Giant Colon Event; Animal Love Association, rescuing animals from abusive environments; Bay Crest Hospital Wagman Centre, teaching swimming to Parkinson’s and stroke victims; and as a Big Sister of London where she spends quality time with Grace who is 12 years old.

Herberman is currently working on a fundraiser for Haiti, selling pink rubber bracelets that say “Relieve, Recovery, Rebuild.” The proceeds will go to Haitian relief through Red Cross.

When asked what being bold meant to her, Herberman had this to say, “To be bold means speaking out, making your opinions heard, being dynamic and a leader in your community.” With everything Herberman does for her community, this future doctor is definitely bold.