Profile: Nicole Bloschinsky

Brescia Boards!

By Communications Intern Rebecca Upson

When Nicole Bloschinsky enrolled at Brescia, she already had one degree under her belt – an Honours Biological Sciences degree from the University of Windsor. She will be graduating in June from Brescia with an Honours in Nutrition and Dietetics.

But there is one more thing that makes this Brescia student stand out. She was recently ranked as one of the Top 5 Best Female Skateboarders in all of Canada. For her, skateboarding is a passion as well as a stress reliever, one a person with her class schedule would need. Even her parents tell her to hit the skate parks if she is stressed out. Nicole fondly remembers her mom bringing freezies for her and her friends on hot summer days, also a stress reliever.

In her youth, Nicole was competitive with all the kids in her neighbourhood, and look at her now! Skateboarding allows her to go at her own pace, but in order to improve she has to push herself. This isn’t a problem for Nicole. Neither is it hard for her to keep up with her fellow male skateboarders.

Nicole thinks that the main reason why there aren’t as many girls in skateboarding is the fact that it is a rough sport, and there is a fear of being welcomed within the skateboarding community that is predominantly male. But her experience has not borne out this perception.

In fact, she was welcomed with open arms and has made a lot of friends on the half pipe. The guys don’t treat her any differently and they encourage her in her worst moments and congratulate her in her best.

Nicole is very happy that there are now more skate parks in London than there were when she was younger. While she is usually the only girl at the skate parks in London, there were a lot of girls contending in a skateboarding competition in Richmond, British Columbia. Knowing this, she hopes to create a skateboarding camp for girls in the future.

The thing that this Top 5 ranker likes most about Brescia is that it has given her the “big picture feel.” Brescia has encouraged her to explore her post grad options, and made her feel like she can do anything. Nicole shares that “Brescia makes me feel that after I am finished, I will find a career.”