Profile: Pam Core

Pam Core sets up camp at Brescia

pam_core“At the end of the day, my goals are to help young women in Brescia’s summer day camps develop, become self-aware, increase self-esteem, learn about leadership – and have lots of fun doing it!”

These sound like lofty goals for Brescia University College’s new Co-ordinator of Leadership and Student Engagement, Pam Core, to set. What’s even more ambitious is that these outcomes will be achieved by girls in Grades Three to Eight, during Brescia’s Girls LEAD summer camp sessions.

“Too often women and young girls are inundated with ideas of how they should act, look, or be. Brescia’s Girls LEAD camp is unique because it gives young girls a chance to be their authentic selves. It also offers them the opportunity to develop leadership qualities,” Pam explains. “But don’t get me wrong, the campers will have a lot of fun learning about themselves!”

Pam couldn’t be more accurate. Campers will have the opportunity to learn about healthy eating – which is directly linked to the self-esteem portion of the camp curriculum – by preparing their own snacks and meals in Brescia University College food labs. The girls will learn to have confidence in themselves, and others, by participating in fun and creative games and trust-building exercises. In addition, the campers will have the opportunity to gain insight and self-awareness by participating in “sharing circles” or self-reflective journaling.

This is Pam’s first year providing leadership to the Girls LEAD summer camp, and she has already brought a great deal of ingenuity into the curriculum.

Last year, Brescia University College launched Girls LEAD International – a sister camp that runs in Barbados. When Pam joined the Brescia community, she saw an opportunity to connect the campers in London with those in Barbados.

“Technology makes communication and relationship building much easier. I saw the opportunity to link these two camps, not just through a shared curriculum but also through communications among campers. We’ve decided to create a blog that the campers here in London will share with the campers in Barbados. Each day they’ll pass notes and pictures back and forth and share in the camp experience together,” she explains.

The blog will allow campers to learn about a different culture. Pam hopes that it will also show the campers that, although they may all come from different geographical regions, different socio-economic circumstances and different educational systems, these girls share the same goals, ideas, and leadership qualities deep down.