Profile: Taryn Scripnick

Hard Work and Determination Paves the Path to Success

Taryn Scripnick, fifth-year Brescia student and 2014/15 Brescia Students’ Council President, will assume the position of Vice-President Student Events with Western University on May 1st. Taryn’s passion and drive have led her to become the first Brescia student in 39 years to hold office in Western University Students’ Council (USC) – only one other student has achieved this feat. Margaret Wickware previously held the role of Western University Students’ Council President in 1976/77.

Taryn Scripnick

Congratulations on your new role as Vice-President Student Events with Western University! What motivated you to apply for the position?
While acting as Brescia Students’ Council President, I also held a seat as a councilor on Western’s USC, where I formed great relationships with my fellow Western Council members. The Vice-President Student Events position will allow me to keep fostering positive cross-university relationships, and to grow as a leader. I also felt that the role was a perfect fit for me, as I had previous experience and enjoyed running large events at Brescia, such as O-Week and Brescia Ball.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?
This year I gained a great understanding of the inner workings of Brescia, and made amazing connections not only with the students, but also with the faculty and staff. I cannot wait to take my learnings from this year and apply them to Western. I am mostly looking forward to making new connections, and to continue to grow as an individual.

As of today, what are your plans once you enter the position? What will be your first BOLD move?
I plan to uphold the platform on which I ran for the position. I want to create a program to showcase public and student artists, above and beyond the Reverie Art Festival event in March. I want to push for a stronger focus on wellness for our first-year students and work on creating a stronger ruling for University clubs. Of course, I also want to jump right into planning the major University events of O-Week and Homecoming. It will be important to start those conversations early to be prepared!

How do you feel your current role as Brescia Students’ Council President has prepared you for this position?
I would never have run for the Vice-President Student Events position if I did not have this year’s experience. My previous role as President has helped me grow personally, academically, and has helped me become more professional. I have taken the position seriously. It has taught me to work hard (my average Students’ Council work is up to 10 hours a day), and to put an emphasis on cultivating positive relationships within a strong support system.

What advice would you give to current Brescia students who might be interested in Brescia or Western student government?
My first advice is to always try something once. You never know where it will lead you!  Furthermore, if you are interested in a role in government do as much research as possible, ask a million questions, and keep informed!

What is the biggest message you want to tell your peers?
People always assume because we are an affiliate we don’t have a voice. We do and it’s loud.  Go out and do big things!