Profile: Victoria Newman and Rachael Jones-Chick

Meeting the Future at Brescia through Students LEAD

studentsleadprofileVictoria Newman, a student at London Central Secondary School, and Rachael Jones-Chick, a student at H. B. Beal, are both excited about the prospect of attending a two-day workshop that will prepare them for their final year of high school and beyond. Both have registered for Brescia’s Students LEAD Workshop on August 25 and 26, 2011.

The workshop, designed to teach the fundamentals of academic success, covers a wide range of topics, including Test-Taking Tactics; How to Give an Awful Talk; Classroom Etiquette; Research: “Beyond Wikipedia”; Time Management and Dealing with Stress; Note Taking: “Should I write down everything the Prof says?”; Under Pressure: “Eating for a Healthy Lifestyle”; and Writing: “I have my topic. Now what?” The workshop culminates in a certificate.

Victoria knows that the workshop will give her an idea of what university life will be like. She says,I am the eldest child in my family. I will be the first to go to university and there is no one to tell me all about it. Students LEAD is a way for me to learn more about how to cope with university and the stress of university. This is a turning point for me. Since I want to apply to Brescia next year, Students LEAD is another way for me to walk around Brescia and get to know the campus and where things are. I’m excited to meet with all the different faculty members and see different learning styles. I’m looking forward to building on the skills that are already there to help me finish high school and that will also help me with the transition to my first year of university.

Rachael Jones-Chick is similarly looking forward to learning more about what university life in general has to offer. She adds, “I wanted to get a feeling for the atmosphere and meet people with similar interests who were also possibly coming here. I’m very interested in the workshops and in expanding skills I already have as well as learning new skills. There are not very many opportunities like this for girls my age who are thinking about what comes next in their lives. My main goal is to learn skills that will help me with my last year of high school and with university.”

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