Strategic Plan

Living Leadership

This strategic plan, entitled Living Leadership, heralds an era of growth for Brescia. While Brescia’s long-term vision remains unchanged, a new overarching strategic objective articulates a five-year vision where students abound and thrive in a growing, dynamic community. The five-year strategic objective is:

To strengthen Brescia’s competitive position and embrace our values while growing our student community to 1,200 full-time students by 2015.

Four descriptive vision elements, nine bold objectives, and 27 key initiatives will drive Brescia toward its strong future. This plan maps out Brescia’s destination for 2015 and its five-year route on the journey of growth. Equally important as growth, if not more so, is what Brescia will be like as it grows and changes. Brescia’s ongoing, strong commitment to its core values, evident throughout this planning process, will guide us as we pursue growth, to ensure that the essence of Brescia endures.

Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Strategic Plan 2010-2015

Updated Strategic Plan - April 2013

Updated Strategic Plan – April 2013