Add/Drop Courses

Students can add and drop courses online through their Student Center account using the Add/Drop/Swap functions. The final day to add Full Year or Fall term courses is September 16th. After September 16th, students are no longer able to add Full Year or Fall term courses.

After this date, students may drop Full Year and Fall term courses but will need to complete an Add/Drop Form to do so. Add/Drop Forms are available from The Hive at Brescia, Main Floor, Mother St. James Building. It is your responsibility to be aware of all deadlines associated with adding and/or dropping courses. Important add/drop dates you need to remember are located in the Western Academic Calendar or online at

A course dropped after the add deadline but before the final drop deadline will be recorded as a “WDN” which indicates that a course has been withdrawn without academic penalty. A course dropped after the final drop deadline, will be recorded as a failure. This deadline is strictly enforced. Exceptions to this policy may be considered if severe medical or compassionate grounds can be documented.

Should I drop a course?

  • You’re having personal or medical problems that have prevented you from attending class for an extended period of time and are affecting your academic performance.
  • You haven’t successfully completed the prerequisites and are required by university policy to drop the course.
  • You have overextended yourself with extracurricular activities or working too many hours at a part-time job.
  • You’ve made every effort to get help from your Instructor to improve your grade without success.

Dropping a course before the deadline may give you a more manageable workload, reduces your stress level, and prevents failures from appearing on your academic record. It is important to note that failures may affect your admission to an Honors program in second year and your admission to professional programs in the future. Failures are a permanent addition to your transcript, even if you repeat the course. Be realistic about your workload and contact an Academic Advisor if you have questions or concerns about your decision.

Should I stay in a course?

  • It may not be too late to make some changes to your activities and get back on track. It may be possible to work fewer hours or become less involved in extracurricular or volunteer opportunities and focus more time on your coursework.
  • There is no refund for full time students for dropping 1.0 or 1.5 courses so you will need to consider the additional cost of taking courses in the summer.
  • Check to see if your OSAP funding will be affected? If you do not maintain a minimum course load of 60% (3 full-course equivalents per term), there are serious implications to your loan assessment.
  • Is the course required for admission or progression for your desired program in second year? If it is required, will it be offered in the summer?
  • Potential candidates for scholarships and students registered in the Scholar’s Electives program must take a full 5.0 course load to qualify.  The requirement of 5.0 courses cannot include a summer course.
  • Thinking about applying for a professional program? Check with the school to see if dropping a course will affect your competitiveness for admission.