Diploma in Dietetic Education and Practical Training

The Application period for the May 2016 program start date is

November 9, 2015 – January 29, 2016

NOTE: Application period for the 2016-17 School Year is now closed. Applications are no longer being accepted.


Application Process

Your application must include:

1. Completed Online Application Form

The application is available through the above website link. It includes steps 1, 2 and 3. As you navigate the application you will be provided guidance on how to complete all 3 steps, and please ensure that you do so. Failure to complete all 3 steps will result in an incomplete application which will not be reviewed.

2. Application Fee

Please be prepared to make online payment as part of the Online Application Form.

3. Cover Letter

Professional, business cover letter of maximum 500 words.

Total word count of 500 words includes: body of the letter, as well as applicant’s name/address; name and address of receiver; date; salutation, etc

Using specific examples, briefly describe how you have demonstrated strong skills of leadership, flexibility and courage. In addition, explain why you have specifically chosen the Diploma Program. Please note: Any cover letter of more than 500 words will not be processed and your application will be considered incomplete. Submit your cover letter online using the Application Form.

4. Resume

Professional resume in reverse chronological order.

Strict Limit of two page maximum, 12pt font with one-inch margins. Include: university academic degree(s); relevant work and volunteer experiences (listed separately); relevant training, research experience and awards; and extracurricular activities (sports, University clubs, etc). Clearly identify the duration of all experiences. Submit your resume online using the Application Form.

5. References

Two (2) references are required. One academic and one Registered Dietitian reference are preferred and highly recommended. Work or volunteer references are also acceptable. If graduated prior to 2013, work and Registered Dietitian references are acceptable in lieu of an academic reference. It is highly recommended that applicants consider their references very carefully.

References should have direct knowledge of your work, volunteer and/or academic performance. Your referee(s) should be able to assess and comment on your specific skills and abilities, including your suitability for dietetic practice. A reference from a family member, friend, or relative is not permitted.

The online reference form will not be sent to referee(s) until the online application form and payment have been submitted.

Reference Process:

The Diploma Program is using the Dietitian’s of Canada (DC) Confidential Report as the required reference form. This is the same reference form used by all post-degree internship programs.

When your completed online application form is received, an email will be sent to your referee requesting him/her to complete the DC Confidential Report. Your referee can complete the DC Confidential Report either online or upload the Report.

If you check the option to use an academic composite on the application form, your Brescia academic composite will be automatically forwarded to the Diploma Program on your behalf.

The Diploma Program will not be accepting paper copies of references.

6. Transcripts

Brescia/Western students (current or graduates) are not required to submit current transcripts. Fall term grades are used to calculate your average and determine if you meet the academic admission requirements.

Official, original transcripts are required for any transfer credits from a previous degree or courses including distance courses if credited towards your present degree.Transcripts must be submitted to meet the application deadline.

7. Dietitians of Canada Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program Form

Please ensure that you have checked that you have requested a Dietitians of Canada Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program Form from Brescia on the application form. By completing this step, this required form will automatically be forwarded to the Diploma Program on your behalf.

For program inquiries including course or internship information, please contact Lesley Macaskill, Dietetic Training Coordinator at lmacaski@uwo.ca

Thank you for your interest in the Diploma in Dietetic Education and Practical Training program.