International Applicants

MScFN Thesis Stream

Internationally trained applicants are only eligible to apply to the MScFN (Thesis Stream) if they have a Foods and Nutrition or related degree (such as dietetics, food science, applied nutrition, home economics with a major in nutrition).

International applicants who meet the above criteria and are from the following regions:

  • Middle Eastern Countries (e.g. Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates)
  • Asian Countries (e.g. China, India, Philippines),
  • Caribbean Countries (e.g. Jamaica, Barbados)

and (depending on courses taken in their undergraduate degree) would usually require the successful completion of the Diploma in Nutrition (a one year program) or the following undergraduate courses at Brescia University College in addition to English Language Training (if English is not their first language) prior to becoming eligible to apply to the MScFN (Thesis Stream):

  • FN 1021 Nutrition for Modern Living
  • FN 2232 Principles of Food Science
  • FN 2241B Nutrition through the Human Life Cycle
  • FN 3342A Advanced Food Science
  • FN 3344A Diet & Nutritional Assessment
  • FN 3348B Food Production Management
  • FN 3351A Clinical Nutrition I
  • FN 3361B Fundamentals of Community Nutrition
  • FN 4453A Clinical Nutrition II
  • HE 4411F Research Methodology

** Note: these courses could take two (2) years to complete

MScFN Internship Stream

International Applicants who are interested in applying to the MScFN (Internship Stream) must first successfully complete a Dietitians of Canada accredited honors undergraduate BSc in Foods and Nutrition. For a complete list of accredited undergraduate Foods and Nutrition programs, please see the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice website. If you are interested in applying to the Dietitians of Canada accredited undergraduate BSc in Foods and Nutrition program at Brescia University College, please contact one of Brescia’s undergraduate program Admissions Officers .

Internationally Educated Dietitians (IEDs) interested in exploring dietetic practice in Canada should first be assessed for registration by a provincial dietetic regulatory body to practice as a dietitian in Canada. The process will start with the Canadian Dietetic Practice Orientation and Self-Assessment Tool (OSAT) designed to provide an orientation to dietetic practice in Canada and the opportunity for IEDs to self-assess their level of knowledge and skill compared to the standards required to practice dietetics in Canada. This assessment tool, as well as a description of the entire process for IEDs can be found online at Canadian Dietetic Practice Orientation and Self-Assessment Tool

For a complete list of Brescia’s MScFN Internship Stream eligibility requirements, please see the “Internship Admissions” page. See below requirements for English Language Proficiency for International Applicants:

IELTS: minimum score of 8.0
TOEFL: (internet test): minimum score of 107
TOEFL (paper based test): minimum score of 625

Canadian/American trained potential applicants to the MScFN program:

If you graduated from a Canadian DC accredited Foods and Nutrition/Dietetics program more than 3 years ago: You will need to undergo an assessment of your credentials which will provide you with a list of any courses that  need to be upgraded prior to applying to the MScFN Internship Stream or other post degree internship programs. This assessment should be done by the school to which you plan to apply. If applying to Brescia University College, this assessment will be done by the Program Chair, School of Foods and Nutritional Sciences. An appointment with the Chair is required for consultation.

If you graduated from a US Academy ACEND accredited Foods and Nutrition/Dietetics program: Please contact the College of Dietitians of Ontario (CDO) for an assessment of your credentials prior to applying to the MScFN (Internship Stream) program. Contact information can be found on their website at: