Online Course Evaluations


Brescia is moving its course evaluations online using the Your Feedback system adopted by Western last year.
Fall 2017 half term course evaluations are open from November 20 – December 8, 2017.

Students will receive an email asking them to visit when their course evaluations are open. Reminders emails will follow throughout the feedback open period if they have not submitted their evaluations.

There are several advantages for both instructors and students to moving the evaluation process online:

  • The online system supports sustainability by removing thousands of pieces of paper from the evaluation process.
  • In addition to still having 10-15 minutes of in-class time to complete their evaluations, students can complete and submit evaluations during entire course evaluation open period (typically 3 weeks).
  • The Your Feedback online system can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone and is compatible with any operating system and assistive technology.
  • The course evaluation process is confidential: instructors cannot track individual student evaluations.
  • Reports can be tailored to the needs of the School/Department.
  • Results are returned more quickly, but will continue to be returned only after students’ final course grades have been submitted.

Why should Brescia Students Complete their Course Evaluations?

Near the end of all courses at Brescia, students are asked to complete an evaluation form to provide feedback on their experience in the course.  This information is helpful in acknowledging course and teaching excellence; providing suggestions for improvement; and aiding in faculty review, promotion and tenure.  This information can also be helpful to other students when they select their courses.

Want to Know More?

General information about the Your Feedback course evaluation system: