Are you interested in attending Brescia University College but do not have the English proficiency results? We can help! Apply to CultureWorks, and if you have the academic background to be admitted into university, you will receive a conditional undergraduate acceptance to Brescia University College along with your acceptance into CultureWorks.

The CultureWorks ESL program has four levels of study: Intermediate, High-Intermediate, Advanced, and High-Advanced. Completion of the High-Advanced level of the CultureWorks program allows for direct admission to Brescia. No TOEFL required!

At CultureWorks it is easy to become a member of the University community.

You will have:

  • Classes held on the Brescia campus
  • Access to university services and facilities, and
  • The option of living in residence.

What are the benefits of attending CultureWorks?

  • You’ll be on a university campus! As the only ESL program operating on Brescia’s campus, CultureWorks offers you the opportunity to become familiar with university life even before you begin your university studies!
  • Scholarships that apply to your English Language Studies and your university studies
  • CultureWorks Canadian Studies Program – combine your English language instruction with hands-on, culturally relevant activities
  • Advisor Program – you will be assigned an advisor who is available for extra support and guidance.

Sound like a good fit? We hope you think so. For more information, visit or