Brescia Residency Requirements

As a Brescia student you must enroll annually in a core number of courses at Brescia.

  • All full-time students must select a minimum of 3.0 Brescia courses.
  • All part-time students must select a minimum of half their courses at Brescia.
  • All students are encouraged to take advantage of as many Brescia courses as possible. Within their degree program, students may only have 40% of their courses taken on main campus.
  • Courses must be taken at Brescia if they are offered at Brescia.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to look at alternate courses at King’s and Huron before registering in Main courses.

If you are unable to enroll in a Brescia section of a course, you must obtain permission to take the course at King’s, Huron or Western. Courses that are not offered at Brescia, may be taken at King’s, Huron or Western and do not require permission.

Questions, or to submit a residency waiver, contact Sarah Innes or Jessica Patterson.

Request for Consideration of Residency Requirements
Request to Take a Course Offered at Brescia at Another Campus

Forms must be submitted to:
The Hive
Brescia University College
Attention: Academic Advisors
1285 Western Road
London, Ontario Canada N6G 1H2
Fax: 519-858-5137

Please note that requests will be reviewed in early August.