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Religion is not “old news.” While it does date back to the origins of humanity itself, it is also as current as numerous blogs and tweets uploaded only moments ago. Even in what appears to be an increasingly secular world, religion continues to influence both individuals and societies.

When you study religion you study history, psychology, community development, global politics environmental ethics, gender relations and more. Religion is a wide-reaching subject because it searches the depths of what it is to be human. What is the meaning and purpose of life? How do we understand our relations with others, with the natural world and with the divine? How did we get here, and how do we move forward to create a world more just and equitable?

Studies of scripture, women and religion, religion and the family, and current religious and theological trends expand our understanding of how religion has helped shape contemporary thought and culture. They also challenge us to ask new questions about the world and about ourselves. Such questions can be troubling, but they are also empowering — they ask us to embrace our world critically, compassionately, and with a commitment to work for change.

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cristina_p-thumb“When I reflect on my time at Brescia I feel compelled to disclose that at the time I was unaware of the profound impact those four years would have on not only my career, but my life overall. I now recognize that Brescia fostered a fearlessness in me, a drive to prove that, as women, we can achieve whatever we choose. This mentality has been with me since my time at Brescia and has allowed me to excel in various competitive roles throughout my career, opportunities I never hesitated to pursue because of the confidence that had been instilled in me. I now recognize this fearlessness and confidence and hold it close as I venture into the next stage of my career, becoming a business owner. A challenge I feel prepared to conquer thanks to my years at Brescia surrounded by intelligent, determined females who helped awaken this fearlessness within me.”

– Cristina Palombo ’09 – Manager, Recruitment & Placement for The Job Shoppe


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