Community Development

Students in a labAre you interested in applying your classroom knowledge to the community? What about becoming an engaged citizen? Want to be a leader for social change, both locally and globally? If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, then Brescia’s Community Development Program may be the undergraduate program for you!


Community Development at Brescia is a community service-learning program. Through community service-learning, you will develop the skills you need to connect life experiences to more theoretical classroom study. Through our invigorating and responsive teaching style, you will be challenged to become engaged and socially responsible citizens, as well as compassionate leaders.

Work placements and community projects

The Community Development Program at Brescia will provide you with a solid grounding in the principles, practices, methods, laws, and policies relevant to community development. You will be involved in placements or projects in the community as an interactive component to your academic study. You will be given opportunities to learn and apply community development skills in real world settings. Finally, you will have the opportunity to expand your study to the global community, if you choose.

The Community Development Programs are offered through the Department of Sociology at Brescia University College. Students can take a Major in Community Development, which includes a field placement and an optional global experience, or a Minor in Community Development, which provides you with experience in community-based research. Other modules are available, combining Community Development with Family Studies and Criminology.

If you are ready for an empowering, student-centred degree program that bridges the classroom with community, choose Community Development at Brescia!


The application is designed to support your intent to register in a Community Development program. Because this program involves a practicum/field placement, your responses to the questions on this application form will help us to identify your particular interest and create an effective “out of classroom” learning experience for you. This application is required for the following modules:

Honors Specialization in Community Development in a Global Context

Honors Specialization in Crime and Communities

Honors Specialization in Families and Communities

Major in Community Development

Major in Spirituality and Community Leadership

Please note that an application is not required for the Minor in Community Development. Information on these modules can also been found under Sociology.