Dimensions of Leadership is for students who choose to lead.

Brescia’s leadership program facilitates more than just traditional learning. The program provides students with the self awareness and perceptiveness required to engage in effective leadership.

 Ashlan Potts,
Dimensions of Leadership Student

Leadership at Brescia

Leadership at Brescia weaves insights from Business, Psychology, Sociology, and other academic areas together to provide a rich and textured examination of leadership.

Students take a first-year course in leadership and the equivalent of six full-year courses in leadership over their final three years as well as courses from a wide range of disciplines to complete their degrees.

Leadership is invaluable for students who aspire to assume leadership roles in a wide variety of fields.

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We have leadership at our core

In addition to our academic leadership focus we offer leadership outreach and development programs and activities for youth and others in the London community:

Major in Dimensions of Leadership

The essence of the Major in Dimensions of Leadership lies in the completion of the introductory course in leadership and the equivalent of six full-year senior level courses from the following three groupings of courses.

  1. Core courses: The core leadership courses cover the various dimensions of leadership, including conceptions and theories of leadership, philosophical foundations, leadership skills and development, women in leadership, and profiles in effective leadership. A further course allows students to study leadership in practice by placing them with an organization in the community. Students must take all six of the core courses to complete the major. These courses are the equivalent of three full-year courses.
  2. Leadership skills and development: These courses look at ethics, communication skills, business, and political leadership, leadership in organizations, and persuasion and leadership. Students must take the equivalent of two full-year courses from this group.
  3. Effective leadership: These courses examine instances of effective leadership in literature, community leadership, the American presidency, women in politics, history, and the Bible. The equivalent of one full-year courses must be completed from this group.

Students may replace the equivalent of a full-year course found in the second or third groups with a course in leadership not listed. For instance, the course in political leadership in the second group might be replaced by a course in solving social problems. An average of 65% in three of the five courses taken in the first year is required, with no mark below 60% in any of the three courses.


The full-time faculty members are:

  • Dr. Paul Barker
  • Dr. Marlene J. Le Ber, Chair, School of Leadership and Social Change
  • Prof. Colleen Sharen

The contract faculty members are:

  • Ms. Carlie Bell
  • Ms. Kathy Burns
  • Dr. Tony Francolini
  • Ms. Susan Hillis
  • Dr. Lucien Lamoureux
  • Ms. Megan Popovic
  • Dr. Michael Ramsay

For a detailed presentation of the requirements and courses included in each of the three groupings, see Major in Dimensions of Leadership in the Academic Calendar, or contact Dr. Marlene Janzen Le Ber, Chair, School of Leadership and Social Change at mleber@uwo.ca or 519-432-8353 ext. 28224.