Management and Organizational Studies

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You should be in Brescia’s Management and Organizational Studies Program.

In our program you will benefit from Brescia’s small class sizes and supportive environment. You will also have the chance to experience a broad variety of learning methods – field studies, simulations, case studies, exercises, live problems, as well as lectures. In addition you will be welcome to join Brescia’s business club, The Pink Ties, to gain a sense of community, for skill development and leadership opportunities.

All Brescia MOS students have access to the MOS Internship program, where students gain practical experience in industry through a 12–16 month work placement, making you even more employable.

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The full-time faculty members are:

The contract faculty members are:

  • Ms. Carlie Bell
  • Ms. Emily Chen-Bendle
  • Mr. Clarence Borja
  • Dr. Tony Francolini
  • Ms. Heather Hallett
  • Dr. Lucien Lamoureux
  • Mr. AJ Miller
  • Ms. Chris Moss
  • Ms. Hannah Rasmussen


*These majors are part of the Honors BMOS Double Major program and can be combined with Majors from other disciplines.

Why Study Food Management?

There is a need for managers in the food industry who have an understanding of both management and food issues in order to tackle the threats to our nation’s health. In particular, the food industry needs employees with a solid foundation in marketing and nutrition in order to develop new healthful products that meet consumer needs.

We are the only campus at Western who offers this unique program. Students in Food Management will obtain knowledge in the foundational business disciplines of accounting, finance, operations, strategy and communications. Students will also take introductory level and advanced marketing subjects including consumer behaviour, product development management and brand management. On the food side, students will take courses in nutrition, global policies and food safety, food production management, and equipment selection and facility layout.

Graduates will be prepared for careers in retail food marketing, product development, manufacturing and logistics, food service, health care and private practice health and well-being.

Why Study Accounting?

Accounting is exciting and the skills are in demand! If you think accounting is just math, think again. Accounting requires in-depth knowledge of business processes and functions as well as sound judgement in order to effectively capture financial information in a way that is useful to decision-makers. A foundation in accounting can be applied to any industry that inspires you whether that be the not-for-profit sector, fashion, agriculture, book publishing or your own business.

In addition to accounting, students will have the opportunity to take courses from a wide variety of subjects including marketing, finance, operations, strategy and business communications.

Students will be able to take the required university courses to pursue the professional accounting designation Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA).

Why Study Consumer Behavior?

Understanding what, when, where and why consumers buy is a critical function of any organization. In this module students will gain practical real-world knowledge through courses such as Integrated Marketing Communications and Brand Management.

Career possibilities include roles in brand management, market research, account management, marketing coordination, client relations management and business development.

MOS Internship Procedures

Students interested in gaining practical business or industry experience are able to complete an 8, 12, or 16 month internship between the third and fourth years of their Management and Organizational Studies Program.

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If you have questions, please contact Prof. Melissa Jean, Chair, School of Leadership and Social Change at or 519-432-8353, ext. 28070.