Nonprofit Management

Are you interested in developing skills for a career that can help change the world?

Brescia’s new degree in Nonprofit Management combines courses in Leadership, Community Development, Nonprofit and General Management to prepare students to make a difference in society, lead organizations, and make recommendations for positive change.

The field of nonprofit organizations and charities in Canada is growing quickly and already represents 11 per cent of the working population. More than two million people are employed by the 170,000 nonprofit organizations and charities in Canada.

The program will enable you to develop leadership capabilities and management skills through experiences both in and outside of the classroom. We believe that there is no other undergraduate program in Canada that will better prepare you for careers in this field.

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In Your Classroom

You will benefit from Brescia’s small class sizes and supportive environment and have the chance to experience field studies, simulations, case studies, exercises, live problems, and lectures on a variety of interesting topics.

Outside of Your Classroom

Students will have the opportunity to participate in both a Community Development and a Leadership practicum where they will work directly with staff and leaders in community, nonprofit and other organizations. In addition, students will have the option to apply to the Management and Organizational Studies Internship Program, during which they would experience a paid work assignment of between 8 and 16 months length between third and fourth year.


The Nonprofit Management programs consist of 20 courses. Graduates will earn a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies (BMOS) degree.

Courses in Community Development, including Bridging the Classroom and Community, Community Development: Foundations, and Community Analysis will help you develop solutions to societal problems. Foundational management courses in the areas of accounting, marketing, financial management, and strategy will provide both the content and the skills to help you flourish in a professional environment. The introductory course on the Environment of Nonprofit Organizations and the Nonprofit Marketing and Development course will help you put information into context and apply it in a real-world setting. Leadership courses include Business Leadership, Leadership in the 21st Century, and Women and Leadership.

You may also choose from a number of electives, including Business Law, Business Ethics, Political Leadership, Community Analysis, Investigating the Social World, and Community Leadership to further develop your professional capacity.


Careers in the nonprofit sector include roles in organizations that focus on social services, health care, research, environmental protection, international development, sports and recreation, arts and culture, and religion, to name but a few.  To view job postings visit Charity Village, Pillar Nonprofit Network, and Work in Nonprofits.

For over a decade employers in this sector have reported difficulties finding staff with the skills they need. They express the need for individuals with well-developed leadership skills as well as strength in advocacy, volunteer management, fundraising, social marketing, social enterprise, governance, nonprofit strategy, and government relations, all of which are covered in this program. These skills are critical to make companies resilient and sustainable for the future.

To Apply

If you are an existing Brescia, Huron, King’s or Western student, please make an appointment with an academic advisor ( to determine your eligibility.  For new students, please visit the Admissions Requirements page ( for general admissions information.  Please contact Professor Melissa Jean ( with any questions about the program.

What Students Are Saying

“By combining aspects of Community Development, Leadership, and Business, students from this program will graduate with a more comprehensive understanding of working in a nonprofit. Nonprofit Management would have furthered my own ability in areas like grant writing and fund development planning.”

Tess Widdifield (Honours Specialization in Community Development in Global Context) , Fundraising Officer, ShelterBox Canada


“I am incredibly excited to hear that Brescia is now offering a management degree with a focus on the nonprofit sector. Years ago I struggled to find a program that would allow me to develop my business skills while giving me an opportunity to follow my passion for working in the nonprofit sector. I believe this program will give students the skills necessary to apply a critical business lens in this area.”

Barhet Woldemariam (soon to be graduating), Homes 4 Women Co-ordinator