Political Science

Political SciencePolitical Science studies how government settles major societal disagreements and conflicts.  Disputes over health care systems, the running of the global economy, and the right of countries to even exist – these are the sorts of things you would look at if you took Political Science at Brescia. You would also seek to understand these conflicts and to prescribe bold solutions.

Political Science is also about something called the political process and the way it allows society to complete projects crucial to the well-being of society. The political process includes prime ministers, courts, interest groups, elections – people and things you read about in the paper – who combine their efforts to produce cleaner environments, safer cities, and happier families.

You are able to combine your studies in Political Science at Brescia with studies in Business, Leadership, Philosophy, Psychology, or Sociology. These combinations offer a rich and invigorating experience for all students.

Your Future with Political Science

Your future in Political Science might include graduate studies in Political Science or entering a field of study connected to politics – for example, journalism, teaching, or the law.  Political Science at Brescia also encourages you and your fellow students to consider an exciting career in government.

Most important, Political Science at Brescia urges you to choose to lead. The conflicts and challenges that we find in society demand people who are able to exercise leadership.

Modules in Political Science


The full-time faculty members are:

The contract faculty members are:

  • Dr. Andrew Chater
  • Ms. Anne Marie DeCicco-Best
  • Dr. Michael Ramsay

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