BoldRings (1)givenow_v2Giving back to your alma mater is a tradition that started with the Ursuline Sisters. The Ursulines ensured that all women, regardless of financial circumstances, could pursue a Brescia education. To this day, Brescia is known for our outstanding scholarship program.

This tradition of giving continues with you. In order to create future generations of strong Brescia women, and to continue to serve women as Canada’s only women’s university, we encourage you to give back to Brescia. You are part of something much bigger. You are part of a large network of compassionate and bold women who have one thing in common – you are a proud Brescia graduate.

Brescia continues to foster an environment geared to female learners. Our faculty and students are creating cutting-edge research, and our graduates, like you, are changing the world every day. You can continue to be a part of the University that shaped your learning, and who you are, by making a gift today!


Read how her Brescia experience inspired one alumna to give back recently:


Dear Brescia,Jane Matheson
The email request asking “what do you remember most about being at Brescia” encouraged me to write this note.
It is a deeply felt note of thanks.
In 1964 I was 16. I was in Grade 12 in Edmonton. My father got transferred to Ontario with his work and of course, the whole family had to move too. I did not want to. I was 5 credits short of a high school diploma due to a math phobia and planning to attend the University of Alberta with my friends after I got over that.
In Ontario I had to enroll in Grade 13 and long story short, it was traumatic; 3 mathematic courses to take, a French class where the teacher never spoke English, no friends, mad at my parents, doing poorly. All in all, not a good year.
I finished with a 58% average and was pretty despondent – figuring my plans for University were over. However, I applied anyways. I thought I wanted to be a Home Economist so I applied to Brescia.
For some reason, you accepted this despondent yet determined (and non-Catholic) young woman of 17, and nurtured her through 3 years of a BA in Psychology. Quite frankly, I see this leap of faith as setting me on a path of major success for the rest of my life.
For this reason I write this simple note of thanks.
I remember a sense of freedom, encouragement and satisfactions from 1966-1969. I made friends I still have. I learned a great deal about life and myself.
Today I am 65 years old. I have an MSW and PhD in social work. I am the CEO of Wood’s Homes in Calgary Alberta – a children’s mental health centre that celebrates its 100th year this year. Its motto is “we never give up. We never say no and we never turn anyone away” and I am proud to say we stand by this for all children, youth and families with troubles. I have been working at this fantastic place for almost 30 years. Quite frankly, I feel humbled by this work and honored to be the guardian of it.
I also have been married for 40 years, have three wonderful daughters and 2 grandchildren who all light up my life.
Sometimes we take a chance and it pans out. You took a chance on me and I wanted you to know it did pan out. I sometimes think I am the poster child for what can happen if someone just gives you a chance – even if the track record behind you is not so stellar. But just like the kids to come to Wood’s Homes – who definitely have this same problem in spades – one needs someone to look beyond the past and the paper and see the future.
That is what you did and I am forever grateful.
Jane Matheson


Jane Matheson, PhD., RSW
CEO, Wood’s Homes

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