Room 135 & Room 136

Rooms 135 and 136 are some of Brescia’s prime classroom-style rooms. Situated in the Mother St. James building, right down the hall from the Auditorium, both rooms feature built-in projectors and sound systems, classroom-style seating (with included desks), and excellent acoustics.

Room 135:
Featuring a traditional style classroom setting, Room 135 provides the perfect venue for a small-scale presentation.
Capacity: 58

  • Room 135
  • Room 135
  • Room135



Room 136:
Providing an incredibly functional amphitheatre-style setting for lectures or presentations. The raised seating ensures everyone has a view of the front of the room, and is perfect for a mid-sized presentation.
Capacity: 90

  • 136-A
  • 136-B
  • 136-C