Our donors

A donation, no matter how big or small, is a big deal around here. Every time we receive a letter, a phone call, or an e-mail from a donor interested in giving his or her hard-earned dollars to Brescia, we are in ‘awe’ of their generosity. Our donors choose to lead by giving and it is for this reason that we want to share their stories with you.

Lauren Starr and Son

“I believe that it is my duty to help future Brescia students achieve their goals without being strained financially. Every month I make a small donation to Brescia. This makes my donation manageable and at the end of the year I can feel like I have really made a contribution – because it does add up!”

~ Lauren Starr, ’04

Elrah Robinson

“I believe in Brescia’s dedication to developing individual talents of students, to empowering leadership, and to promoting a spirit of integrity.”

~ Elrah E. Robinson

Nikita Miller

“I like the fact that I’m able to give back to people so they can have the same opportunities I’ve been given.”

~ Nikita Miller