Professional Mentoring Program

What is the Professional Mentoring Program?

The Professional Mentoring Program is an opportunity for a 3rd or 4th year student in any discipline to be matched with a mentor, who may be a Brescia alumna or community member. You can expect to spend 4 to 6 hours a month to build and maintain your mentoring relationship.

Why choose ‘Mentoring’?

Mentoring is a great way to increase your communication and networking skills, help you prepare for your future career and transition into the professional work force. It’s also an opportunity for you to develop your skills while learning from someone else’s experiences.

How are Mentor-Mentee matches made?

Mentee and Mentor applications will be used to select pairings, to ensure the best fit. Mentees will not be matched to a Mentor based on career goals alone — instead the entire application will be considered.

The mentoring relationship is not just about finding someone who has the job that you want in the future; the relationship is an opportunity for mentees to learn and grow from the experiences and knowledge of others, while feeling supported and encouraged. As we take careful consideration in matching mentees and mentors, we cannot always guarantee a match.

Who can be a Mentor?

Any female leader in our London community or any Brescia alumnae who would like to mentor a Brescia student and is able to commit 4 to 6 hours per month from October to April is encouraged to apply to the Professional Mentoring Program.

Benefits and Rewards of Mentoring a Brescia Student:

  • Enhance your own leadership skills
  • Help develop your industry leaders of tomorrow
  • Serve your communityBrescia Co-Curricular Record
  • Develop new contacts
  • Create a lasting legacy

Thank you for applying to be a mentor/mentee for the 2016-2017 school year.
Please visit the Student Life Centre for more information.


“I am so grateful that my mentor was there to answer questions and speak with. She shared her wisdom and resources and helped me work through my confusion about my career path. The value that I got out of the one on one mentor-mentee matching was phenomenal. The program activities and assignments over the year helped me focus, set career goals, and make action plans. I was amazed at how developed and organized the program was and how each mentoring pair was tailored to the mentee’s needs; it made me so proud to be a part of the Brescia Community. It was a great experience that I will always remember and I recommend the program to all Brescia students.”  – Jean Liu, 2014-2015 Mentee, 4th year Honors Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics

“I am so thankful that the Student Life Centre offers Brescia students the Professional Mentoring Program. It has been rewarding for both my mentor and myself; professionally and personally. This opportunity allowed me to develop my leadership and communication skills, expand my viewpoints, and help me to consider new ways to approach situations. My mentor has become a trusted advisor and role model; she has supported and encouraged me by offering her suggestions and knowledge. My mentor has also offered me the opportunity to grow my network with personal and professional contacts. I encourage everyone to look at taking advantage of this amazing program.” – Amanda Hunt, 2014-2015 Professional Mentoring Program Mentee, 2nd Year Honours Specialization in Nutrition and Dietetics with a minor in Psychology

“I’m honored to be a part of the Brescia Professional Mentoring Program. Being a graduate and alumna of Brescia University College, I appreciate any opportunity to stay connected and give back. What makes this program all-encompassing is the involvement and program organization. The program has given back to me more than I feel I’ve given to it – The Original Cakerie has received a few resumes from Mentees, some Mentors have shown interest in my food label consulting company, and I’ve made connections with some Brescia Alumnae that I haven’t spoken to in years. Great work Brescia in supporting your students and continuing to support your alumnae!” – Melissa Vandermeer, 2008 Food and Nutrition Graduate, 2014-2015 Professional Mentoring Program Mentor, Coordinator of Regulatory Affairs at The Original Cakerie & Owner of Green Apple Food Label Consulting

 “A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” – Unknown