Co-Curricular Record

Make Your Brescia Experience Extraordinary

Brescia Co-Curricular RecordYour Brescia experience is a culmination of engagement and involvement, connecting your classroom learning to the real-world.

Your transcript tells half the story.

We know that engaged students are happier, more balanced, and build strong social connections. We also know that employers are looking to hire new graduates who are well-rounded and have a variety of learning experiences–inside and outside the classroom.

In addition to supporting your academic success, your co-curricular experiences help you thrive personally and professionally by strengthening your skills and competencies.

My Brescia Experience

Helping you share your story.

The Co-Curricular Record chronicles your non-academic engagement across ten core areas. It will be your job to translate your experiences in a way that speak powerfully to what employers want and need.

Engaging the Artsarts-icon

Develop an awareness of and appreciation for the history, production, consumption, cultural meaning and/or business of the arts and media.


Career PreparationCareer-icon

Develop career search skills, career development strategies and understanding of professional culture.


Social ResponsibilityResponsibility-icon

Understand social issues, develop a sense of active citizenship, and support the sustainable development of local and global communities.


Commitment to LearningCommitment-icon

Develop awareness of and use skills and strategies to enhance engagement and learning both within and beyond the classroom.



Develop tools, resources and strategies for effective oral, non-verbal and written communication in public, personal and professional settings.



Develop an understanding, appreciation and advocacy for different backgrounds, cultures, sexual identities, religions, abilities and lifestyles.


Global AwarenessAwareness-icon

Engage in and international experiences that develop intercultural competencies and awareness of global issues.


Health & WellnessHealth-icon

Develop and use tools, resources and strategies for a healthy, balanced lifestyle, to support mental, physical and spiritual wellness.



Lead people and projects, work effectively as part of a team, take initiative and empower others.


Self AwarenessSelf-awareness-icon

Understand and communicate personal values, beliefs and attitudes.

The core areas capture the experiences you have gained as a result of your involvement in a variety of activities. They also encourage you to consider areas you may like to explore further, by providing a complete directory of activities available to you at Brescia–and also at the King’s, Huron, and Western campuses!

Creating Your Co-Curricular Record

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