SMurF Fest 2015
Wednesday, March 11
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Cypress Room in Clare Hall


  • SMurF-friendly snacks and drinks
  • Intro comments (Sheila and Marianne)
  • Adopting Hootsuite as a Brescia-wide social media management tool. Hootsuite demo. (Dan and Co-SMurFs)
  • Using the Communications Calendar for social media coordination (Dan)
  • InstaGram update (Cassie Caranci) and University InstaGram Best Practices (Jennifer Bishop)
  • Speed SMurFs! A 3-minute look at each of our social media channels presented by the Head SMurFs
    • Facebook Page (Christine)
    • Facebook Groups (Christine)
    • Twitter (Amanda)
    • LinkedIn (Alison)
    • Tumblr (Nida)
    • Pinterest (Christine)
    • Flickr (Dan)
    • SoundCloud (Cassie)
    • YouTube (Amanda) and Vimeo (Dan)
    • Weibo & WeChat (Danxi and YingYing)
  • Discussion and suggestions for 2015